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As an Active Duty Servicemember, Veteran, or Department of Defense (DOD) Employee, you should know and understand your rights under the law. The military and civilian legal systems are not the same. You may be facing charges in both the military and civilian legal systems. Your rights during an investigation stage or before criminal allegations – should be understood. Most military or civilian attorneys cannot defend you simultaneously in both legal systems. Make sure that you get the right help from a Civilian Military Attorney and team – built to support your needs. Military Law Center Is Ready to Help You – Right Now.

On or Off Base – Know your Legal Rights.

The Military Law Center is unique. Our ability to represent you within each judicial system provides strong effective results. Find the representation you deserve for Military Law and Criminal Law. The Military Law Center provides legal services in the San Diego, Southern California and Military representation – worldwide.

  • Gary is a man of high integrity and honesty. He treats his clients with dignity and respect, and makes it easy to trust him in return. He is thorough in building a defense case, and at trial he does not allow the prosecution to get away with any misuse or abuse of the judicial process. I will forever be grateful that I found Gary online ( and brought him on board as lead attorney. His energy, focus, and diligence brought my case to the best possible outcome. I was initially concerned about the cost of a civilian attorney, but in Gary’s case, it was worth every penny. He does not “nickel and dime” his clients for extraneous charges, rather he uses the fees to devote his time and energy to a case. I give Gary my most highest endorsement – you will not regret hiring him!

  • Mr. Barthel saved my military career by successfully petitioning the removal of a career ending judgment against me. I will always be grateful to him for his irreplaceable legal advice and assistance during this ordeal. Mr. Barthel is competent, dependable, and offers a fair price for his legal services. There are few attorney’s whether retired or active duty military that has the amount of experience of Mr. Barthel that can back it up with successful legal representation.

  • Hiring the Military Law Center to represent our son was the best decision we could have made. Gary Barthel’s knowledge of and experience with the UCMJ made all the difference in getting the best outcome possible. In a process that we were not familiar with, it was comforting to have such skilled counsel.

    Philip Lanzafame
  • Military Law Center showed their experience, tenacity, and skill in taking my lawsuit to a successful settlement. It was a far more favorable outcome than anyone told me was possible, even the judge. They were thorough over months of preparing my suit. As it escalated toward a trial, they managed expert witnesses, depositions, and documents. Then they advised us well as we finally negotiated a settlement. Military Law Center is outstanding for their specialized knowledge about military customs and traditions as well as the law. They are highly recommended in their specialty.

    Michael Lawless, LCDR USN ret
  • Mr. Barthel and Military Law Center were incredible advocates. They were extremely responsive, attentive, respectful, and detail oriented. Mr. Barthel carefully examined every aspect of my case, while using the help of his team, to ensure a favorable and fair outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Barthel and Military Law Center. I have used and known many different lawyers in my life, and Mr. Barthel’s advocacy ranks among the highest.”

  • Gary Barthel worked on my case to help defend me in a sexual assault allegation. He helped keep me calm through the process, spotted all of the contradictions in the accuser’s testimony, and worked very diligently to defend my rights. Eventually, the charges were dropped before even going to trial. I strongly recommend Gary’s services.

    Dean G.
  • As a senior civilian government employee on a military base, I found myself facing allegations that threatened my future employment and career. As a result of the allegations, I was temporarily suspended without pay during the investigation. While researching options for representation, I was referred to Gary Barthel by another law firm that understood my need for an attorney with expertise in military and civilian law, who was committed to fighting for my rights. I found Gary Barthel, to be ethical, professional and most importantly to me, compassionate. I was immediately put at ease by Mr. Barthel, and his team, and they always kept me apprised of any updates to my case.

    Mark W
  • Attorney Barthel recently represented a significant client of mine in a difficult criminal trial in San Diego, California involving allegations of domestic violence. After a three day jury trial, including expert testimony offered by the prosecutor, the jury returned a not guilty verdict. As a fellow trial lawyer, watching Attorney Barthel in Court was tantamount to attending a masters class in trial advocacy. Attorney Barthel was quick on his feet, understood his way around the Court and spoke in plain English making it easy for the jury to warm to the defense. He is an outstanding attorney and a credit to the criminal defense bar.

    Steve H, Shareholder Vedder Price P.C. Chicago, Illinois

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The Military Law provides representation in variety of legal areas to include Military Law and Criminal Law. While most of our legal services are provided in the San Diego and Southern California area, our Military Law practice serves clients both locally and worldwide.

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