Why Hire a
Civilian Military Attorney?

When facing allegations under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the most important concern you should have is the experience level of the JAG defense counsel who will be randomly detailed to handle your case. Moreover, JAG defense counsel are usually prohibited from being detailed to represent you until the investigation against you is completed and you have actually been charged with an offense. The results of an investigation and the resulting adverse administrative action or court-martial can be a life-changing event that will impact your life, career, and family. Therefore, in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your case, it is mission critical that you choose an experienced, seasoned civilian military defense attorney who can protect your legal rights at every stage of the case. You can and must do everything possible to be fully acquitted of the charges, or to make sure that the charges are reduced to a minor and inconsequential footnote in your military record so as to salvage your military career. It’s not over till it’s over. We’ve seen it. We’ve had a hand in seeing to better outcomes – time and time again.

Civilian Military Attorney LtCol Gary S. Barthel, USMC, Retired

Civilian Military Attorney LtCol Gary S. Barthel, USMC, Retired


You have the Absolute Right to Retain an Experienced Civilian Military Attorney to Defend You.

Under military regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice you have the absolute right to be represented by a lawyer of your choosing.

A Civilian Military Attorney will do their own Investigation

When defending a case, our approach is to fully investigate all allegations against you so as to discover and uncover any weaknesses in the government’s case. All cases have weaknesses (in law or in facts) that can be exploited, challenged and defended. Many military cases are rarely thoroughly investigated. It takes an experienced civilian military attorney to uncover the weaknesses of the government’s case.

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Case Evaluation and Pre-Trial Preparation

Following the investigation, we work with you to get the charges dismissed, reduced, or prepare the most effective defense possible. In every case there are usually factual and legal challenges that can be exploited. If the government’s case has any weaknesses we can use them to seek dismissal of the charges, negotiate a reduction of the charges, or have the charges adjudicated at the lowest legal forum possible. If the government’s case is strong and the evidence solid, we will examine and discuss with you what your best possible options are in defending the case for the best possible outcome. In the end, we work for you. As your civilian military attorney we will provide you with the options and advice required so that you can make the informed choices necessary regarding your case.

Advice, Top-Notch Legal Counsel,
and One-on-One Support

All Courts Martial are a potential threat to your career. While most services preclude you from having an attorney at a Summary Court Martial, that doesn’t mean that you should go into the hearing without getting independent counsel and advice from a civilian military attorney beforehand. The Courts Martial system is very confusing and it is comforting to get your questions asked and answered by an experienced civilian military attorney who has defended BOTH enlisted and officers AND was a former Federal Prosecutor who headed a JAG team of 40 military staff on the prosecution side. You can get insight into the heads of the command’s prosecutor(s) and advice as to your best course of action to defend yourself.


Feeling Overwhelmed and Under-Represented?

If you are suspected of wrongdoing, it is not uncommon to feel alienated by your own command. Such situations are both common and are often overwhelming to those facing charges. To complicate things you probably are not going to be able to have an active duty detailed military defense counsel available to provide you with the advice and support you need. But you have choices. You can choose to have an experienced civilian military defense counsel provide you with the support and advice you need during the investigative stage of your case.

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