“Gary Barthel responded quickly when we reached out looking for legal representation for our son in dealing with the United States Marine Corps. He really listened to what we had to say about our son’s case and the unfair treatment he was receiving. If it had not been for Gary, we would have been completely in the dark about what was really going on. He always treated our family with respect and kindness. He really made a difference, and our son would have gotten much worse treatment if it were not for him.

B.B. and J.B

“Based upon a recommendation from a fellow Marine, I retained Mr. Gary Barthel and the Military Law Center to represent me with an alleged DUI charge on Camp Pendleton. Mr. Barthel’s advice and guidance throughout the entire matter was outstanding. Facing disciplinary action from my command and DUI charges in federal district court, Mr. Barthel provided me with peace of mind throughout the entire case. Mr. Barthel was instrumental in getting the unjust allegations dismissed both with my command and federal district court. In the end Mr. Barthel helped me clear my name. His outstanding knowledge and dedication will never be forgotten. I strongly recommend Mr. Gary Barthel and the Military Law Center to anyone who needs help in dealing with any allegation made against them.”

Charles, S. F.

“Ten months ago I was wrongfully accused of conspiring with other students to violate the command’s Academic Honor Code at the Surface Warfare Medical Institute here in San Diego, CA. In addition, I was accused of Obstructing Justice. Pretty serious allegations. I retained Gary Barthel’s services after being notified by my command that they were going to administratively separate me for misconduct. He immediately went to work on my behalf. His diligence and unquestionable expertise in preparation for my Administrative Separation Board resulted in a unanimous vote of no misconduct. No basis for separation! Having never been involved in a legal proceeding before, I had many doubts over the course of those long ten months leading up to the board. My case in particular seemed complicated, to me that is. But once the board started and the first witness was called, I knew I was in good hands. For fourteen hours I watched Mr. Barthel finesse his way through a complicated case with ease! From the timing of specific witnesses to keeping the board members educated and engaged… the poor JAG representing the government never stood a chance. If you’re wrongfully accused of criminal activity, you want Mr. Barthel in your corner. If your Military career is on the line, you want Mr. Barthel in your corner. For fourteen long hours Mr. Barthel owned the room… I cannot stress it enough that this is the man you want in your corner.”

Dean G.

“Gary Barthel worked on my case to help defend me in a sexual assault allegation. He helped keep me calm through the process, spotted all of the contradictions in the accuser’s testimony, and worked very diligently to defend my rights. Eventually, the charges were dropped before even going to trial. I strongly recommend Gary’s services.”

Cpl R.A.

“Mr. Barthel and Military Law Center were incredible advocates. They were extremely responsive, attentive, respectful, and detail oriented. Mr. Barthel carefully examined every aspect of my case, while using the help of his team, to ensure a favorable and fair outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Barthel and Military Law Center. I have used and known many different lawyers in my life, and Mr. Barthel’s advocacy ranks among the highest.”


“Military Law Center showed their experience, tenacity, and skill in taking my lawsuit to a successful settlement. It was a far more favorable outcome than anyone told me was possible, even the judge. They were thorough over months of preparing my suit. As it escalated toward a trial, they managed expert witnesses, depositions, and documents. Then they advised us well as we finally negotiated a settlement. Military Law Center is outstanding for their specialized knowledge about military customs and traditions as well as the law. They are highly recommended in their specialty.”

Michael Lawless, LCDR USN ret

“Hiring the Military Law Center to represent our son was the best decision we could have made. Gary Barthel’s knowledge of and experience with the UCMJ made all the difference in getting the best outcome possible. In a process that we were not familiar with, it was comforting to have such skilled counsel.”

Philip Lanzafame

“The Military Law Center has been a true pleasure to work with. Gary took the time to walk me though the legal process I would be going through and recommended to me courses of action based off of his years of military and civilian experience. I hope that I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, the Military Law Center is who I will call.”


“Gary, We want to thank you again for assisting Jim in getting back to work. (First day back went well.) We’re not sure the outcome would have been the same without your representation on his behalf and we are grateful you were available and willing to help us.

Although we pray circumstances never arise where we need your services again, you would be the one we would call if they did.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to help others as you have helped us!”

Jim and Donna Field

“I engaged the Military Law Center for a consultation after my Commanding Officer issued separation proceedings to me for allegations of fraud committed against the government. I retained Mr. Barthel because of his extensive background in practicing military law, and because he understands the needs of military clients. Throughout the seven months leading up to my separation board, Mr. Barthel was diligent in spearheading the effort to preserve my military career. He examined and scrutinized all of the evidence and facts, finding several discrepancies in the false allegation levied against me. Because of Mr. Barthel’s persistent work, I was entirely prepared to give my defense to the board which resulted in a unanimous vote by its members, who found no basis for separation. I am eternally grateful for the service that Mr. Barthel provided, and for the encouragement and professionalism of his paralegal. It is a joyous privilege to continue serving my country with the bedrock of my character—Honor, the heart engrained in me—Courage, and my spirit of determination—Commitment.”

Semper Fidelis,
Dennis C., USMCR

“Mr. Barthel saved my military career by successfully petitioning the removal of a career ending judgment against me. I will always be grateful to him for his irreplaceable legal advice and assistance during this ordeal. Mr. Barthel is competent, dependable, and offers a fair price for his legal services. There are few attorney’s whether retired or active duty military that has the amount of experience of Mr. Barthel that can back it up with successful legal representation.”


“Attorney Barthel recently represented a significant client of mine in a difficult criminal trial in San Diego, California involving allegations of domestic violence. After a three day jury trial, including expert testimony offered by the prosecutor, the jury returned a not guilty verdict. As a fellow trial lawyer, watching Attorney Barthel in Court was tantamount to attending a masters class in trial advocacy. Attorney Barthel was quick on his feet, understood his way around the Court and spoke in plain English making it easy for the jury to warm to the defense. He is an outstanding attorney and a credit to the criminal defense bar.”

Steve Hamann, Shareholder Vedder Price P.C. Chicago, Illinois

“As a senior civilian government employee on a military base, I found myself facing allegations that threatened my future employment and career. As a result of the allegations, I was temporarily suspended without pay during the investigation. While researching options for representation, I was referred to Gary Barthel by another law firm that understood my need for an attorney with expertise in military and civilian law, who was committed to fighting for my rights. I found Gary Barthel, to be ethical, professional and most importantly to me, compassionate. I was immediately put at ease by Mr. Barthel, and his team, and they always kept me apprised of any updates to my case.”

Mark W.

“It was a relief and a pleasure to have Mr. Barthel practice in my courtroom”

Chief Military Judge

“My son in law who was in the Marine Corps was facing charges for possession of child pornography. I wanted to ensure that my son-in-law was represented by an attorney with experience in military law, and Gary Barthel came highly recommended by a trusted attorney and friend. Gary Barthel was instrumental in guiding us through the entire general court martial and military justice process. As a result of his thorough preparation and development of a strong sentencing case, Gary succeeded in getting the Court to dismiss the government’s request for eight-year confinement and instead the Judge only awarded our son-in-law 18 months.”

Reverend Reyenga

“My experience with Gary is that he is a fine Marine and an outstanding attorney.”

Kathryn Cooney

“In June 2014, Gary Barthel represented me in a DUI charge on board Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. Gary’s years of experience, knowledge, trusted advice and steadfast dedication to my case resulted in my being found not guilty of the charge. Gary was also able to get my driving privileges aboard the base reinstated. Once I was found not guilty of the DUI and my driving privileges aboard the base were reinstated, my command immediately moved forward with my promotion to Sergeant. I was very relieved and fortunate to have Gary represent me. He literally saved my Marine Corps career. I strongly recommend Gary to anyone facing legal trouble.”

Sergeant Colin Chapman, USMC

“Gary Barthel represented my son in early termination of probation and expungement of a misdemeanor from his record. He and his Paralegal represented us very professionally and kept us constantly informed during the long process. We were fortunate to have him on our side. “


These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any legal matter.

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