About the Firm

Military Law Center was founded by LtCol Gary S. Barthel, USMC, Retired, a Mustang Marine who served twenty years in the U.S. Marine Corps before joining a civilian law firm. His dedication and qualifications in both Military and Civilian Law exceed most practicing attorneys allowing him to bridge the military and civilian court systems. Now, Military Law Center provides you with this very same unmatched qualification when you are in need. Our mission is to serve you – in your moment of need – because you served our country when we needed you.

Military Law Center is based in San Diego, California, with a national reach of practice areas for both military and civilian legal systems. If you are in need of help as an Active Duty Servicemember, Veteran, or Department of Defense (DoD) Employee the Military Law Center is ready to Help You – Right Now.

Civilian Military Attorney LtCol Gary S. Barthel USMC, RetiredMilitary Law Center

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