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Civilian and Business related cases require a steady hand. When choosing a civilian defense attorney or a business attorney you must get results and require a commitment to dedication. Military Law Center is committed to help guide your needs through our knowledge and experience within the civilian court system. If you are a Veteran, Military Servicemember, D.O.D. Employee transitioning from military to civilian needs or if you are in need of business related litigation, the Military Law Center will stand by you. Find confidence that you have a Civilian Military Attorney with the right knowledge and experience to represent you. Military Law Center provides timely knowledge and aggressive representation for every court system, in multiple jurisdictionsat all stages of your case.

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Make sure that you get the right help from a Civilian Military Attorney, in San Diego or Worldwide, built to support your needs. Military Law Center Is Ready to Help You – Right Now. Military Law Center will aggressively advise and defend you.
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Facing Criminal Charges?

Servicemembers Facing Civilian Criminal Charges for Offenses Committed Off a Military Installation

Sometimes servicemembers find themselves facing criminal allegations in civilian court. These allegations will undoubtedly have negative implications to your military career. Based on the civilian allegations alone, your command can seek imposing non-judicial punishment and/or administrative separation proceedings against you. Therefore, it is imperative that you get an experienced civilian military defense counsel who can represent you in the civilian criminal action, as well as provide you with the advice and representation you need to deal with the potential negative consequences you are sure to face by your command that threaten your military career.

Civilians Facing Criminal Allegations for Offenses Committed Aboard a Military Installation

Whether you are a servicemember’s dependent, a civilian guest visiting on a military installation, a military civilian employee, or a civilian contractor, if you have been charged with an offense committed aboard a military installation, you will be charged with a federal crime and prosecuted in Federal District Court. Not only will you be facing criminal charges in Federal District Court, but you could also face negative administrative actions by the Commander of the military installation. For example, you could be barred from coming back aboard any military installation; if you are a military civilian employee or civilian contractor you could face additional negative administrative actions that could threaten your employment. If you find yourself facing an alleged offense committed on a military installation, it is important that you retain an experienced civilian military defense counsel who can defend you in Federal District Court as well as protect your rights with regard to the negative administrative actions imposed by the military command that could threaten your ability to access the military installation and/or your employment.

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The Military Law Center provides representation in variety of legal areas to include Military Law and Criminal Law. While most of our legal services are provided in the San Diego and Southern California area, our Military Law practice serves clients both locally and worldwide.

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